About Zebra Energy

Zebra Energy is a designer, producer and supplier of solar energy products headquartered in Nevada, with a focus in off-grid energy solutions. We provide some of the best solar panels out there, along with related accessories.


We use only the highest-quality materials to attain the maximum possible efficiencies in our products. Zebra Energy products and manufacturing locations are certified to stringent international standards by third-party accreditors, including ETL testing to UL 1703, CEC, CE, IEC, ISO 9001 certifications and more. Zebra Energy solar modules are individually flash tested before leaving the factory floor to ensure correct electrical performance and our systems are carefully designed to ensure that all components are well matched.


At Zebra Energy we believe that it is our duty to design and supply the best energy technology available. The energy landscape is dynamic and we are working to bring the latest developments from the lab to the market as quickly as possible so that we can all be prepared for the changes ahead. We are constantly pushing the envelope in designing the next generation of energy products and are excited to show you what’s around the next corner.


Zebra Energy teams up with the best research, manufacturing, financing and distribution partners from around the world. We invite you to reach out to us and see what we can do together to build something that truly stands the test of time.